PolyPak America’s High-strength Poly Mailers Handles the Heaviest Mailing Loads

Poly mailer envelopes from PolyPak America are different from all others in that they contain carefully formulated e-Tuff® high strength poly film. Made for maximum toughness, PolyPak America’s heavy duty poly mailers have gained the confidence of consumers like DHL and QVC.

Tear and puncture resistant, e-Tuff® high strength poly film can handle even the heaviest loads. Available in custom sizes and colors, these poly mailers can be printed to your specifications. To rid yourself of any mailing failures, insist on plastic mailers made of only e-Tuff® high-strength poly film.

Features of Poly mailer envelopes made of e-Tuff® poly film:

  • Stamps/labels adhere to surface
  • Writable surface
  • Opaque shipping bags for privacy

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